Boosting Paid Trial Conversions for BodyMapp: From 4% to a Whopping 41%

BodyMapp offers a revolutionary app that empowers users to conduct precise body scans using just their iPhones...
2x Growth
10x Conversion Rate Lift
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Services: App Usability Enhancement, Conversion Rate Optimisation, User Experience Refinement, and Marketing Strategy Implementation.


  • An impressive 10x boost in the conversion rate from download to paid trial.
  • Enhanced user experience leading to increased trust and commitment.
  • Improved overall app functionality, boosting user satisfaction.

About The Brand

BodyMapp offers a revolutionary app that empowers users to conduct precise body scans using just their iPhones. This innovative solution provides detailed data such as Body Fat %, various measurements, and critical health indicators, eliminating the need for pricey clinic visits and specialised equipment.

In the vast app marketplace, while BodyMapp was getting its fair share of downloads, it faced a significant challenge: converting these users to its paid trial and subsequently retaining them for monthly memberships.

The Challenges

Conversion Dilemma

  • Despite high download numbers, only 4% of users transitioned to the paid trial phase.
  • Low retention rate for monthly membership subscriptions post-trial.

User Experience

  • Users faced potential roadblocks in the app that stopped them from moving to a paid subscription .
  • The value proposition was not effectively communicated to the users.

The Strategy

Usability & UX Overhaul

We delved deep into the app's user journey, identifying and rectifying any potential bottlenecks or pain points. The focus was on making the transition from download to paid trial as seamless and appealing as possible.

Value Proposition Amplification

Reinforced the unique benefits of BodyMapp, highlighting its cost-effectiveness and convenience compared to traditional body scanning methods.

Feedback Loop Integration

Incorporated mechanisms to gather real-time user feedback, ensuring any concerns or issues were promptly addressed, fostering trust and encouraging trial sign-ups.

Engagement Boosters

Introduced features and content to keep users engaged, showcasing the comprehensive benefits of the paid version, nudging them towards the trial.

The Result

A Huge Conversion Lift

The download to paid trial conversion rate saw a dramatic jump from a mere 4% to an astounding 41%.

User Trust & Satisfaction

With enhanced user experience and continuous improvements based on feedback, BodyMapp witnessed increased trust and satisfaction among its user base.

Boost in Recurring Revenue 

After our tweaks, trial sign-ups definitely spiked. And we noticed a lot more users switching to monthly memberships, proving the app's improved value and ease of use.

Final Note

BodyMapp's transformational journey underscores the power of understanding user behavior, refining user experience, and effectively communicating value. With the right strategies, even well-performing apps can uncover hidden potential and achieve unprecedented growth.

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