Boosting ROAS by 3847% for a Commercial Kitchen Equipment Brand

A commercial kitchen equipment brand, struggling with negative ROAS and an underperforming website, were looking to boost conversion rates through strategic Google Ads management and comprehensive website optimisation...


Services Provided: Google Ads Management, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)


  • Within a month, ROAS surged from 0.21 to an astounding 8.29, marking a remarkable increase of 3847%.
  • The brand appeared in 28.98% of relevant searches, outshining numerous competitors.
  • Revenue soared by 25% compared to the previous month.
  • Conversion Rate witnessed a significant 66% rise.

About The Brand

The client caters predominantly to B2B customers, offering a diverse range of commercial catering equipment sourced globally. Established in 2007, the company has expanded steadily over thirteen years.

The Challenges

  • Historical Performance: In the preceding 90 days, the account exhibited a negative ROAS despite significant expenditure.
  • Complex Product Catalogue: Managing a vast product range posed challenges, especially with predominantly search ads.
  • Offline Dominance: Despite significant offline revenue, the website contributed only 20% to the total revenue.

The Strategy

Google Ads Management

  • Strategic campaign structuring was used, blending a traditional Standard Shopping campaign with a Dynamic Search Campaign to optimise CPC and enhance ad performance.
  • Extensive discussions were held to identify top-selling brands and products for targeted optimisation.
  • Opting for a Standard Shopping campaign provided enhanced transparency and control over ad performance.

Website and Product Page Optimisation 

  • Website speed was enhanced, reducing bounce rates and fostering a seamless user experience.
  • A call request feature was integrated into each product page to encourage potential customers to seek further assistance.
  • Visual enhancements were made to the product pages to bolster user engagement.

Measuring Success

  • Key performance indicators included ROAS, email marketing revenue, website conversion rate, Average Order Value (AOV), and individual ad performance metrics, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of campaign effectiveness.
  • Regular reporting and analysis were conducted to monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and ensure the campaign remained on track to achieve the client's goals.

The Result

Final Note

By strategically restructuring Google Ads campaigns, optimising the website and product pages, and closely monitoring key performance indicators, we successfully transformed the client's digital marketing efforts. The remarkable 3847% increase in ROAS, coupled with significant improvements in revenue and conversion rate, demonstrate the effectiveness of our data-driven approach and the potential for substantial growth in the commercial kitchen equipment industry.

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