From Underperforming to Industry-Leading: How We Transformed a Makeup Brand's Digital Presence

A makeup and skincare brand approached us with their digital marketing in disarray...


Services: META Ads Creative Optimisation, Website Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Email Marketing Optimisation, Google Ads Campaign Management


  • Comprehensive digital marketing overhaul
  • Significant improvement in website user experience and conversion rates
  • Enhanced ROI from Google Ads campaigns
  • Improved email marketing effectiveness and sender reputation

About The Brand

A makeup and skincare brand approached us with their digital marketing in disarray. Previously managed by a mix of internal and external teams, their efforts lacked cohesion and a strategic approach, leading to underwhelming digital performance.

The Challenges

The brand faced several critical issues:

  • Ineffective and uncoordinated digital marketing strategies.
  • Poor website user experience affecting conversions.
  • Suboptimal META and Google Ads performance.
  • Declining email marketing effectiveness and sender reputation.

The Strategy

We implemented a three-pronged approach to revitalise the brand's digital presence:

Website User Experience and CRO:

  • Implemented enhancements across the home page, product pages, and collections pages.
  • Optimised the website’s conversion user journey.
  • Conducted a comprehensive audit and cleanup of Shopify apps.
  • Improved website speed, significantly raising their Google Page Speed score.
  • Modernised the website's look with updated images and videos.

META and Google Ads Optimisation:

  • Developed and executed new creative ad campaigns on META.
  • Managed Google Ads campaigns, achieving an 8.36x return on investment.

Email Marketing Overhaul:

  • Addressed technical SEO issues across the website.
  • Enhanced email campaign strategies, focusing on rehabilitating the brand’s email sender reputation and ensuring deliverability to primary inboxes.
  • Refined the website’s copywriting, particularly in product descriptions, to better engage customers and convey the brand's value.

The Result

  • Our integrated digital marketing approach led to a substantial improvement in the brand's online presence and performance.
  • Website enhancements contributed to a noticeable increase in conversion rates.
  • The brand experienced a significant return on investment from our optimised Google Ads campaigns.
  • Email marketing efforts were revitalised, leading to better engagement and a restored sender reputation.

Final Note

This case study highlights the importance of a cohesive and strategic approach to digital marketing. By addressing website UX, ad campaign management, and email marketing simultaneously, we were able to transform the digital face of the makeup and skincare brand, leading to enhanced online visibility, customer engagement, and overall business growth.

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