From Zero to $1,000 Daily: Transforming an NYC Fashion Brand in Just 3 Months

Our NYC-based fashion client stands out with a unique brand aesthetic that aligns perfectly with urban trends...
10x Growth
142% Conversion Rate Lift
Klaviyo Account Optimisation


Services: Shopify Store Revamp, Email Marketing Enhancement, Google Ads Management, SEO Implementation, and Content Creation Collaboration.


  • Skyrocketing to over $1,000 in daily revenue.
  • Seamless and captivating online shopping experience.
  • Amplified customer engagement with refined email strategies.

About The Brand

Our NYC-based fashion client stands out with a unique brand aesthetic that aligns perfectly with urban trends.

In the bustling fashion hub of NYC, they stuggled with establishing their identity and ensuring consistent sales, especially through efficient online strategies.

The Challenges

Online Presence

  • Initial online store lacked the magnetic appeal to draw in customers.
  • Poor sales, with revenue close to zero.

Email Marketing

  • No standout email campaigns in place
  • No strategic automation to nurture potential leads.

Content Quality

  • Visual and promotional assets that didn’t reflect the brand's essence.
  • Need for authentic and high-quality multimedia assets.


  • Minimal brand recognition on key search engines.
  • Absence of effective paid advertising campaigns.

The Strategy

Shopify Store Makeover

We rolled out a brand-centric Shopify store, focusing on an engaging user interface and a memorable user experience.

Email Strategy Overhaul

Introduced pivotal automations and devised impactful email campaigns, ensuring the brand was consistently on the radar of potential and existing customers.

Collaborative Content Enhancement

In close collaboration with the client, we fine-tuned their visual assets, offering direction, feedback, and expert advice, resulting in content that truly resonated.

Google Ads Drive

Launched strategic Google Ads campaigns to boost brand visibility and attract the right audience to the store.

SEO Revitalisation

Embarked on a comprehensive SEO journey, optimising the new website, crafting keyword-rich blogs, and ensuring product pages were primed for search engine success.

Shopify App Assistance

Integrated select Shopify Apps to maximise the average order value and facilitate effective cross-selling.

The Result

Revenue Boost

We took the brand's daily revenue from close to zero to a solid $1,000 in just the first three months.

Customer Retention Success

Following the enhanced email and content strategies, we noticed a marked uptick in customer retention and repeat purchases.

Optimised Shopping Experience

With the Shopify store revamp and strategic app integrations, customers now enjoyed a streamlined and rewarding shopping journey.

Proof in Numbers

The brand's phenomenal growth in a short span underscores the transformative power of a well-rounded digital strategy, even in the competitive NYC fashion scene.

Final Note

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