How We 3X an Apparel Brand's Revenue in Just 90 Days With Email Optimisation

Our apparel client distinguishes themselves with a strong brand voice that resonates well with their audience...
3x Growth
Klaviyo Account Optimisation
Growth Consulting


Services: Klaviyo Account Optimisation, Growth Consulting, Email Marketing


  • 3X Revenue Growth
  • Highly Optimised Customer Journey
  • Increased Customer Retention and Repurchases

About The Brand

Our apparel client distinguishes themselves with a strong brand voice that resonates well with their audience. 

Operating in a hyper-competitive space, they faced the challenge of standing out while also retaining customers through effective email marketing.

The Challenges

Email Marketing

  • Inconsistent and sporadic campaign emails
  • Lack of a schedule for email marketing efforts
  • Poor performing pop-ups and automated email flows

Customer Retention

  • Difficulty retaining customers in a hyper-competitive market
  • Lacked optimised post-purchase cross-sells and upsells

Revenue Leakage

  • The brand was leaving a significant amount of money on the table due to ineffective email strategies
  • Emails had good open rates but failed to convert into sales

The Strategy

Klaviyo Account Optimisation

First, we streamlined their Klaviyo account to set the stage for growth. The goal was to implement email marketing best practices consistently across the board.

Data-Driven Analysis

We scrutinised existing email flows that weren't performing well. Even if an email had a high open rate, we analysed why it might not have been converting and optimised accordingly.

Revamped Content

We improved the copywriting and visuals in the emails, integrating User-Generated Content (UGC) for added authenticity and relatability.

Growth Consulting

Through consultation, we identified key areas for growth and constructed a strategy to capture it. This included optimising the entire customer journey, from acquisition to post-purchase.

Retention Focus

We shifted the focus towards marketing to existing customers, optimising post-purchase cross-sells and upsells, effectively boosting customer lifetime value.

The Result

Immediate Impact

In the first month, we helped the brand reach $388K in revenue, followed by $690K in the second month, culminating in an impressive $1.4 million in the third month.

Customer Retention and Repurchases

Post-implementation of the optimised emails, we observed a significant increase in customer retention and repurchases.

Enhanced Customer Journey

The customer journey was fully optimised to ensure a cohesive and engaging experience, leading to higher conversion rates.

3X Growth

Within just three months, we achieved a 3X growth in revenue for the brand, proving that even in a hyper-competitive space, effective email marketing strategies can deliver astonishing results.

Final Note

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