Skyrocketing Online Education Sales: A Total Transformation through Shopify Revamp and Strategic Marketing Mastery

Our client, an online education platform, specialises in offering a diverse range of career-focused training courses...
20% Growth
35% Conversion Rate Lift
Klaviyo Account Optimisation


Services: Shopify Website Redesign, Content Enhancement, Email Marketing Optimisation


  • Enhanced Website User Experience and Design
  • Improved Content and Copywriting, Tailored to Career-Focused Courses
  • Increased Upsells and Subscriptions through Optimised Conversion Journeys
  • Significantly Boosted Email Marketing Revenue through Platform Migration and Automation Expansion

About The Brand

Our client, an online education platform, specialises in offering a diverse range of career-focused training courses. These courses are particularly tailored for individuals seeking compliance-related education or those aiming to advance their careers and explore new opportunities.

The Challenges

Website Engagement and Conversion:

  • The existing Shopify website template was outdated, not reflecting the brand’s dynamic nature.
  • Content on key courses lacked depth, failing to engage potential customers effectively.

Email Marketing Inefficiency:

  • Utilisation of Active Campaign for email marketing, resulting in poor revenue generation.
  • Lack of comprehensive marketing automation, missing critical and intermediate flows.

The Strategy

Shopify Website Upgrade:

  • Transitioned the website to Shopify 2.0, ensuring a robust, scalable, and feature-rich platform.
  • Implemented a fresh design focusing on user experience, appealing to the brand’s target audience.

Content Overhaul:

  • Expanded and refined the content on leading courses, enhancing clarity and appeal to effectively capture and retain customer interest.

Email Marketing Transformation:

  • Migrated from Active Campaign to Klaviyo, resolving previous inefficiencies and leveraging Klaviyo’s advanced capabilities.
  • Developed and integrated a full spectrum of marketing automation, encompassing both essential and sophisticated flows.

The Result

Enhanced Website Performance:

  • The new Shopify 2.0 site delivered a superior user experience, leading to increased engagement and longer visit durations.
  • Content revamp on leading courses significantly lifted the platform’s value proposition, attracting more targeted customer groups.

Email Marketing Success:

  • Post-migration to Klaviyo, the platform experienced a substantial increase in email marketing-driven revenue.
  • The newly integrated automated flows contributed to a higher number of upsells and subscription sign-ups.

Holistic Growth:

  • Our comprehensive approach, addressing both the website’s design, content strategy, and email marketing, ensured each element worked in synergy.
  • The platform saw an overall upswing in course enrollments, user engagement, and revenue, solidifying its position in the competitive online education market.

Final Note

This case illustrates the power of an integrated marketing strategy. By enhancing the website, refining content, and optimising email marketing, the online education platform not only improved its user engagement but also saw tangible growth in revenue and market positioning. 

Our multi-channel strategy reinforced the idea that each aspect of digital marketing, from website to email, must cohesively work together to achieve success.

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