Transforming a Nutritional Brand's Online Presence into a Sales Powerhouse

This nutritional brand, with a robust physical retail presence, was experiencing lackluster performance in its online segment...
30% Growth
22% Conversion Rate Lift
META Ads Creative Strategy


Services: META Ads Optimisation, Email Marketing Automation, Website Conversion Rate Optimisation, Shopify Speed Optimisation


  • Record-breaking online sales levels
  • Enhanced conversion rates through website and speed optimisation
  • Optimised and high-converting email marketing flows
  • Successful paid ads campaigns with creatively tested strategies

About The Brand

This nutritional brand, with a robust physical retail presence, was experiencing lacklustre performance in its online segment. Specialising in offering a range of health-focused nutritional products, they needed a strategy that could match and elevate their online sales to the success of their in-store retail.

The Challenges

Online Sales Underperformance

Despite successful retail stores, the brand's online presence wasn't achieving its full potential, with lower-than-expected sales and engagement.

Ineffective Paid Advertising

Previously unstructured and under-optimised META ads were not effectively capturing the online audience or translating to sales.

Email Marketing and Automation

The existing email flows including Welcome, Abandoned Cart, Browse Abandonment, and Post-Purchase sequences were not leveraging best practices, impacting potential online revenue.

The Strategy

META Ads Creative Optimisation

Crafted high-converting ad scripts and developed a structured testing strategy targeting five key product benefits. This refined advertising approach was more aligned with the audience’s needs, improving ad performance and engagement.

Website Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Focused on transforming the buy journey to emphasise subscription sales, increase the average order value, and enrich page content to foster user engagement. Added numerous conversion-focused elements to the product pages to guide and encourage purchase decisions.

Shopify Speed Optimisation

Specialized speed optimisation for Shopify sites was employed as a critical factor in enhancing site performance, positively impacting both paid campaign effectiveness and organic search rankings.

Email Marketing Revamp

Completely overhauled email marketing flows by optimising content, design, and technical execution, turning these automated sequences into a consistent revenue source.

The Result

Within just three months of targeted improvements and prioritisation of quick wins, the brand saw a significant and consistent increase in online revenue.

The combination of creative META ads testing, email marketing overhaul, and website CRO, along with Shopify site speed optimisation, successfully catapulted the brand to record sales levels, demonstrating the effectiveness of a multi-faceted digital strategy in boosting online retail performance.

Final Note

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