Transforming an Online Health E-Commerce Business: A 37% Revenue Increase in 30 Days

A health e-commerce business, facing challenges with underperforming ads and low email engagement, were looking to increase revenue and their total orders through strategic ad optimisations and an enhanced email marketing strategy...


Services: META Ads Optimisation, Google Ads Optimisation, Email Marketing Strategy


  • Within a month, revenue increased by 37%, significantly boosting the brand's overall sales.
  • Total orders surged by 27%, reflecting a substantial rise in customer purchases.
  • Online store sessions saw an 18% increase, indicating enhanced website traffic and user engagement.

About The Brand

This health e-commerce business offers a range of nutritional products aimed at improving overall wellness. Despite having a solid customer base, the brand was struggling to maximise its online revenue potential.

The Challenges

  • Underperforming META Ads: Inefficient use of ad spend with traffic campaigns optimised for clicks rather than purchases.
  • Inefficient Google Ads: Automated recommendations affecting bid strategies and performance, along with poor asset management.
  • Low Email Frequency: The brand's email campaigns were sent too infrequently to maximise engagement and conversions.

The Strategy

META Ads Optimisation

  • Ad sets with declining performance were identified and halted.
  • The budget for successful ad sets were increased to drive more conversions.
  • Disabled traffic campaigns optimised for clicks and focused on purchase-driven campaigns.

Google Ads Optimisation

  • Their Google Ads account was consolidated by focusing on well-performing campaigns and improving asset strength, which had a direct impact on CPC and CVR.
  • Automated recommendations were turned off. This prevented overnight bid strategy changes that previously disrupted performance.
  • Location settings were corrected, ensuring ads were shown in the correct geographical areas.
  • Ongoing promotions were highlighted through advertisements to attract more customers.
  • Customer data was used to create targeted ads for higher conversion rates.
  • Bids were adjusted and optimised based on device performance to enhance ROI.
  • A Standard Shopping Campaign was set up. This enabled more control over ad spending and targeting compared to PMAX campaigns.

Email Marketing Strategy

  • Recommended increasing email sends from one per week to two or three per week.
  • Targeted segments were created based on user engagement metrics, focusing on those who clicked or visited the site in the past 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • Suggested diversifying email designs to maintain engagement and improve click-through rates.

Targeting Low-Hanging Fruit

  • Identified and implemented quick wins in both META and Google Ads accounts, often overlooked but impactful changes.
  • Focused on tasks and items proven to work across numerous campaigns, ensuring the application of best practices and leveraging our extensive experience.
  • Implemented strategies that are known to deliver immediate results, providing clients with quick wins and reinforcing the value of our services.

The Result

Final Note

The holistic approach to optimising META and Google Ads, combined with an enhanced email marketing strategy, effectively transformed the brand's online performance. By targeting low-hanging fruit and implementing proven strategies, the brand saw immediate positive results, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-coordinated digital marketing strategy.

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